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Tan Girl



Here are four rules of thumb to a beautiful spray tan.

  1. Exfoliation and shave (the day prior)

  2. Development (the time it takes for your tan to develop after being sprayed)

  3. Hydration (dry skin means shorter tan)

  4. Maintenance 

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It’s important to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells allowing new cells to absorb the DHA.  DHA is what reacts with your cells to create color.  Exfoliation also helps smooth your skin allowing for a more even tan.  

A spa grade exfoliator designed for spray tanning is ideal.  The Sjolie Exfoliating Body Wash is a great way to prepare and polish the skin for your tan.  It’s a good wash to use daily prior to your tan and then again after your tan starts to fade to help clear up residual color.  It will keep your skin smooth and hydrated.  




Development is the time it takes for the solution to fully absorb into your skin allowing for the DHA to react and create color.  Most development time is between 10-12 hours. There is a Rapid Process that requires 4-6 hour of development time as a premium service.  Follow instructions for development time as recommended.  Showering too soon will increase the chances of washing the solution off before the color has time to set.  

It’s also VERY important that during development just chill.  Wear loose clothing after your spray and avoid skin to skin contact.  Try not to rest your elbows on your knees, cross your arms or let your little one rest their sweet little face on your shoulder to sleep.  Once you’ve showered, all will be fine.  Finally, doing dishes...yep that’s right.... take the night off from clean up duty!! 



Staying hydrated is key to a longer lasting spray tan.  Most tans will last 5-7 days.  If you drink plenty of water and use a moisturizing lotion daily, you could very well extend beyond that.  We have two tan extenders that help greatly with longevity.  The Tan Extender lotion has 2% DHA.  You’d want to apply this starting day 2 of your spray tan.  It’s a build-a-tan product and will enhance your tan as it begins to naturally fade, plus keep your skin moisturized.   The Skin Perfecting lotion has 6% DHA plus a whole bunch of other goodness: caffeine extract, kukui nut oil, and niacinamide.  The Skin Perfecting builds your tan, improves skin and moisturizes all in one.  


Staying moisturized, using paraben free products, minimal sulfates, alcohols or other harsh acidic ingredients will help maintain the longevity.  Avoid soaps such as Dove, etc.  




  • Exfoliate and Shave the day prior

  • Moisturize your skin 24+ hours before your session but avoid lotions and oils the day of

  • Mani and pedis should be done 24 hours BEFORE your tan session

  • Wear dark bikini or dark undergarments (spray solution will wash off but may leave some residual color)

  • Avoid contact with water (avoid too much sweating) until your designated shower time

  • Wear dark, loose cotton clothing, and flip flops (nothing fitted, no leggings, closetoe shoes)

  • Avoid skin to skin friction, resting elbows on knees, washing hands, etc

  • Avoid deodorant, perfume, oils

  • Best to just chill after your tan

  • Things that I watch out for.... back of legs sticking to leather car seat, seat belt rubbing against shoulder, doing dishes or having hands in/out of water, avoid wearing a bra after spray if possible

  • Bronze color may transfer to clothing or sheets. It is water soluable and should wash out

  • Do not shower until your designated shower time to allow solution time to fully develop

  • Once you shower, you’ll see the bronze solution wash not worry!  This is just a bronzer to show the technician where the product is applied.  The DHA is reacting with your cells to create color.

  • Lightly shower, avoid harsh soaps, pat dry

  • Moisturize at least once a day with a Tan Extender product (see Sjolie Skin Perfecting or Tan Extend)

  • Keep in mind...if you’re vacationing and spending time in chlorinated water or the ocean they will act as an exfoliant.... Begin by using the Skin Perfecting lotion each day on vacation to keep your tan even.


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