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In 2014, when my youngest was just 5 months old and my oldest was 2 I discovered a mole that had changed in appearance on my leg.  I immediately saw a dermatologist and ten days later I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.  Thankfully, after testing and surgery I was deemed cancer free.  I have been cancer free and without a single sunburn since!  

At the time I had already been getting spray tans quite frequently but going through that experience solidified the importance of sun safety.   I am a huge advocate of sunless tanning.  It is so important to protect our skin from the sun but that doesn’t mean we must give up wanting to feel good with a little bit of color.  It's important to decrease your risk of skin cancer associated with the traditional sun exposure and bed tanning.  Wear your SPF and get a spray tan!  It's that simple!  Plus, it feels like an instant 10 pound weight loss!   The solutions I use are full of antioxidants and hydration so that combined with your daily sunscreen is a treat for you and your skin!

Come see me!  You have nothing to be shy about - I actually pride myself on the fact that my clients are very comfortable in my studio.  I tan all shapes and sizes and I promise to help you feel beautiful!  

Tamara – Owner, Studio G
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